Message from Italian Ambassador Armando Varricchio to the Italian Community

On March 2, 2016, Armando Varricchio, the new Italian Ambassador to the United States, presented his credentials to the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  He replaces Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero, who is now Italy’s Permanent Representative to NATO.
Following the presentation of his credentials, Ambassador Varricchio issued the following message:  

armando-varricchio-01Upon taking the helm of the Italian Embassy in the United States, I wish to extend my most cordial greetings to my fellow Italians, to the elected representatives of Italy in the United States, to the community of Italian origin, and to those who recognize themselves – ideally and culturally – in Italy. It is thanks to you that today the long-standing bond between our Peoples is stronger than ever.

Italy and the US are friends – and allies. We are committed to promoting a future based on freedom, prosperity and peace. We work very closely on matters of international security, protecting human rights and gender equality, promoting economic growth, opening markets, safeguarding the environment and supporting the work of the United Nations. We stand side-by-side in areas of crisis, and are in constant touch both on a bilateral level and in multilateral fora, starting with the Atlantic Alliance.

This enduring alliance is enriched daily with culture, innovation, and high-tech. Our language is a powerful tool which promotes Italy’s unparalleled cultural heritage and also enhances our forward-looking Country’s natural propensity to creativity and inventiveness – in short, to the future.

I am honored to serve my country in the United States. Together with my colleagues and the entire consular network, I will spare no efforts to further strengthen our close ties. Above all, I know that my mission will be made all the easier with your invaluable support.armando-varricchio-02