Festa della Repubblica in Filadelfia – Console Generale Luigi Scotto nominato Ambasciatore d’Italia in Tanzania

Nella prestigiosa cornice del museo storico di Filadelfia si e’ celebrata la tradizionale Festa Nazionale della Republica Italiana. Durante la prima parte della serata, dedicata ai discorsi ufficiali, sia il Console che il vice sindaco Michael Diberardinis hanno sottolineato i rapporti di particolare amicizia tra Stati Uniti e Italia ed in particolare tra lo stato di Pennslvania e il nostro paese.

Luigi Scotto, Gilberto Idonea

Luigi Scotto, Gilberto Idonea

Nella seconda parte della serata la cultura Italiana e stata celebrata con la patecipazione, tra gli altri dell sassofonista Francesco Cafiso e dei cantanti Ragusani Rachele Amenta e Lorenzo Licitra.

Ospite d’onore della serata, invitato dal Console Generale, e’ stao l’attore Gilberto Idonea che dopo la sua esibizione e’ stato insignito di un premio come “Ambasciatore della Coltura Italaina e in Particolare Siciliana nel Mondo”.

Nel consegnarli il premio e riferendosi alla sua recente nomina ad Ambasciatore d’Italia in Tanzania, il Console Generale Luigi Scotto ha voluto enfatizzare come il premio sia passato da un ambasciatore “in pectore” ad un “ambasciatore” che gia’ venti anni fa’, proprio a Filadelfia, debuttava dai confini nationali e cominciava il suo “peregrinare” che lo ha portato asd incontrare le comunita Italiane sparse nel mondo.


Statement by Secretary of State John Kerry On the Occasion of Italy’s Republic Day

I congratulate the people of Italy as they celebrate Republic Day this June 2.

Following years of struggle, the Italian people in 1946 made an historic choice that set their country on the path to becoming the vibrant democracy it is today. Commemorations such as this provide an opportunity to reflect upon the fundamental values our two countries share. I have a particular admiration and affection for

Secretary John Kerry

Secretary John Kerry

the Italian experience since my own personal narrative is interwoven with many visits to Italy, and many Italian friends. I witnessed firsthand the effects of the Italian economic miracle of the 1950’s which so clearly exhibited a national strength of character.

The U.S.-Italy alliance is grounded in our shared history and strengthened by the bonds of mutual respect, trust, and affection between our two peoples. These ties have been reaffirmed during my two visits to Italy as Secretary, and by the conversations I have had recently with Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Foreign Minister Emma Bonino.

We are working together to address challenges and attain common goals – promoting peace and stability in the Middle East and North Africa, outlining a path for global economic prosperity that will provide greater opportunity for young people, and protecting the environment for future generations. Our cooperation on security issues remains particularly close, and we are grateful for the hospitality extended to our defense personnel.

It is in the spirit of this enduring partnership and friendship that I extend to all Italians my sincere best wishes on this 67th anniversary of Republic Day

Festa della Repubblica Commemorated at Holy Rosary Church

Italy’s Festa della Repubblica was commemorated Sunday in Washington, DC at a mass held at Holy Rosary Church, the Italian National Parish. Members of the Italian Diplomatic Corps joined parishioners at the Italian mass con-celebrated by Fr. Lydio Tomasi and Fr. Claudio Holzer. Italian Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero gave some brief remarks praising the contributions of the Italian American community. Amb. Bisogniero also presented certificates of appreciations to the teachers of Italian in the Washington metropolitan area. Following the mass, a reception was held at the Casa Italiana Cultural Center.