Nigellissima: Easy Italian-Inspired Recipes

Nigellissima, like the Italian cooking from which it takes its inspiration, is a celebration of food that is fresh, delicious, and unpretentious. Here Nigella Lawson serves up 120 straightforward and mouthwatering recipes that are quick and easy yet elevate weeknight meals into no-fuss feasts.

“It was when I was sixteen or seventeen that I decided to be Italian. Not that it was a conscious decision . . . No: I simply felt drawn to Italy,” writes Nigella. And so it was that before she was a Food Network star and bestselling cookbook author, Nigella found her way to Florence, where she learned to cook like an Italian. Indeed, Italian cooking is trademark Nigella: light on touch but robust with flavor.

With beautiful color photographs to inspire, Nigellissima has all the hallmarks of traditional Italian fare in its faithfulness to the freshest ingredients and simplest methods. From pasta and meat to fish, vegetables, and, of course, dolci, this cook’s tour has something for every mood, season, and occasion: Curly-Edged Pasta with Lamb Ragu is the perfect salve for a winter’s night, while tangy and light Spaghettini with Lemon and Garlic Breadcrumbs takes just minutes to prepare. Meatzza, the favorite at Nigella’s table, is a meatball mixture pressed into a pan and finished with traditional Margherita ingredients—or whatever you may have on hand. And the versatile Baby Eggplant with Oregano and Red Onion works beautifully as a starter or side or as dinner sprinkled with ricotta salata or crumbled feta. Here, too, are Green Beans with Pistachio Pesto, Roast Butternut with Sage and Pine Nuts, and fluffy Mascarpone Mash, Nigella’s twist on mashed potatoes. Never an afterthought, Nigella’s low-maintenance “sweet things” include Instant Chocolate-Orange Mousse; light, doughnut-like Sambuca Kisses; and One-Step No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream, to name just a few.

Nigella believes that every ingredient must earn its place in a recipe, and she gives tips and techniques for making the most of your time in the kitchen. For example, a stash of sweet vermouth saves you from opening a bottle when you need just a splash. If a recipe calls for the juice of a lemon, Nigella uses the zest, too—that’s where its force and fragrance lie. She guides you to stocking your pantry with a few supermarket ingredients and shows you how to make the most of them for spontaneous meals that taste boldly Italian.

is a love letter to the pleasures of cooking—and eating—the way Italians do. With a nod to the traditional but in Nigella’s trademark style, here are recipes that excite the imagination without stressing the cook.

CIBO The Culinary Institute of Bologna For Foodies

Begin the day’s culinary adventure at CIBO -The Culinary Institute of Bologna For Foodies by in the early morning by meeting in a local café. There you will enjoy complimentary cappuccino and brioche. We will outline the day’s menu and then we will proceed to the famous Bologna market.

Along the way to the market we will outline for you, our “guests and students”, the history of the town and the several monuments that we will pass upon our way. You will explore this wonderful market with us as we purchase, taste and explain the various ingredients needed for our culinary creations.

Leaving the market, we will begin a memorable journey into the preparation of authentic Emilia Romania cuisine.

In the morning we will make regional pasta by hand using the authentic, “handed down”, “Mattarello” (rolling pin). Each participant will make his/her own dish of pasta. Classes ARE NOT DEMONSTRATIONS but rather true hands-on experiences! And we are not just pasta….Explore our website for a multitude of exciting, creative cooking classes.

Next, we will have lunch, eating the pastas we made accompanied by our local wines. In the afternoon we will begin the preparations for the evening’s meal. This meal will include an antipasti, salad, main dish, side dishes and dessert and of course, more regional wines!

If you have any particular dishes you would like to prepare or any culinary techniques you would like to learn please tell us and we will try our best to incorporate those requests into our program.

At CIBO we do not have customers; we prefer to think of you as guests. Our goal is not merely to meet your needs but rather to exceed your expectations. So come to the Culinary Institute of Bologna to expand your cooking knowledge and have fun eating and drinking. We look forward to meeting you, cooking with you and sharing our knowledge and love of Italian food.


Via Augusto Righi n.30B
40126 Bologna

Website: Http://

Contact name: Marcello Alperti
Contact email:

If you want to know more about the chef owner of the school just Google ….
” Stefano Corvucci Bologna”

PS possible dishes to cook:

CIBO dishes:

Handmade Egg Pasta –
Pasta Fresca
Sausage Ragu Bolognese
Béchamel Sauce
Pork Ribs and Sausages Stew
Spuntature e Salsiccie in Umido Tortelloni
Passatelli (Unique to Emilia Romagna)
Lasagne Bolognese Rabbit Ragu
Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Dishes
Stock Brodo
Caserecce Salsicci e Funghi
Zucchini Leak Soup Tiramisu
Prosciutto Crudo di Parma /Cutello Creations
Asparagi Ravennati
Squacquerone From Romagna
Stinco Di Maiale
Parmigiana Reggiano & Formaggio di Fossa Recipes
Bollito Misto
Risotto Parmigiana
and MORE!