Digital Diplomacy at Italian Embassy in Washington

Digital diplomacy was the topic of discussion at the Italian Embassy in Washington this evening.  This was the third event hosted by Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero, who has been bringing experts together to discuss and analyze how global interconnectivity and the real-time information cycle are transforming the  way citizens and government interact.

Among the panelists this evening were: Amb. Bisogniero; PJ Crowley (Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, and Professor, The George Washington University); Katie Dowd (Senior Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer, The White House); Zeenat Rahman (Special Advisor to the US Secretary of State for Global Youth Issues); Gianni Riotta (Author, “Has the Web brought us freedom?”). The panel was moderated by Darrell West (Vice President and Director of Governance Studies, Brookings Institution).

The following were some of the tweets that the discussion generated:

@eDipAtState: Pretty soon use of #digitaldiplomacy will be recognized just as #diplomacy according to @katiewdowd #rtdiplomacy@DrTedros

There’s no dark side of #internet: it’s a reflection of the dark side of society, says @riotta at #RTDiplomacy

#rtdiplomacy @PJCrowley: use networks as advantage, know your digital environment…engage and listen.

Gianni Riotta ‏@riotta3h

.@PJCrowley Is confidentiality dead in the age of #rtdiplomacy? Yes!

#rtdiplomacy @PJCrowley– traditional #diplomacy has always occurred behind closed doors, but is now seeping out into the open

@riotta at #rtdiplomacy : Machiavelli’s The Prince is perfect to address contemporary politics,except that it lacks social media #italyinUS

RT @andreas212nyc: The great challenge for #digitaldiplomacy is to learn to LISTEN, says @PJCrowley at #RTDiplomacy #SocialMedia