The Foreign Ministry launches a new online portal from which to obtain an entry visa for Italy and the Schengen Area. The project, called “VISA e-@pplication”, was entirely developed with European funds and is part of the European Union’s plan to completely dematerialise entry visas through e-visa application forms common to all the EU member Countries.

The new procedure, which makes it possible to fill out an online visa application form, combines technological innovation, cost optimization and time reduction, thus maximizing the overall efficiency of the services provided by Italy’s diplomatic and consular network. The advantages of the new system, both for users as for Italy’s whole economic system, are numerous: reducing the time needed to feed the data into the online visa system; more complete data entered; reducing typos; enhancing the accuracy and security of the data collected.

The online form is available in Italian and in English at the following link: . It can also be accessed through the user information portal